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Protect small animals, from my start
It is not long ago, I still remember … … Saturday, I went out to play, suddenly heard a cat cry: “ meow! Meow! ”? What’s going on, I looked back, it was a kitten, it is obviously lost, and can not find a home, how to do? It is now in the middle of the road, the distance came the sound of the car, how to do? In the end how to do? I consciously rushed over, picked up the kitten carefully escaped the robbery, but the kitten home where? The kitten should be able to tell the smell of his mother! Touched the kitten two, I put it down, he himself to find his mother. It did not take long, I heard the screams of the cat, I ran to look, the original is a writing of children are stone cat, kitten pain was rolling on the floor, I feel sorry, rushed to the kitten curse those children: “ what is your problem? The cat is so cruel, born to bully you? Too heartless! They scolded by me ashamed, wanted to find a hole drilled down, their red face lowered his head, whispered: “ we know is wrong, but the cat is comingGiuseppe Zanotti shoes wwwOh? ” I said, “ I know, maybe it’s the one who picked it up from the cat litter! ” “ it is really too cruel! ” although they stoned the kitten, they are just confused, not so cruel, I hope the cat to death, when the cat that go back home, they have to give the kitten ideas, let him up for adoption! Who can be found, a child said: “ my mother’s favorite cat, and I want to have a cat, thisIs Giuseppe Zanotti whatThe cat is beautiful, my mother must like it! ” finally decided to raise the kitten from their home. Go back, I: filled with a thousand regrets animal is the friend of mankind, not because of personal preferences to see whether the existence of an animal, should put more money and power to protect the animal, after all, we still do not know what the nature of some animal and human being to play what role, if now do not pay attention to, if the animal dies, several years later, when we have problems, will regret it! So we have to start from now close to animals, caring for animals, animal protection, to start from the sideGiuseppe Zanotti sneakers shop, from the small start, so that animals and we human beings to become a real good friend! Protect small animals, from my start

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An unforgettable experience
This mid autumn festival, I and my mother in the early morning to return to live in the country’s grandmother home. Grandpa went to work in the field. I asked my grandmother: “ can I help you ”? Grandma nodded, took me and my mother to the end of a large corn field. My eyes immediately present a fruitful autumn. You see, that a full of vigour of corn, corn and corn were hiding in the thick rod straight middle grinning from ear! Go forward again, I saw a large golden beans, full pods swaying, not a clattering sound. As if to welcome me the guest from afar. We continue along the path of the field winding near to grandpa. “ Oh! ” I cried, at the foot of what was caught, I threw a big somersault. Mom quickly picked me up and see if I was hurt. I turned to see my trip is actually a thick dark green big rope, the rope is strange round leaves on the distribution of many green. “ mom, what is this? ” my strange question. Mother said: “ this is the sweet potato seedling ”. I took this long sweet potato being over and over, did not see the shadow of sweet potatoZanotti shoes on sale GiuseppeSo strange, asked “ mom, why this is not only on the vine leaf node of sweet potato? ” mother said: “ sweet potatoes are grown in the soil, I dug for you to see ”. sayHeels ZanottiA, she found a twig from the field, and then along the sweet potato vine found sweet potato roots and twigs to the soil around the roots loosened, then she plucked the strong vine, in a short while, the first big sweet potato out. “ wow! Good big sweet potato oh ”! Mom said: “ don’t worry, it’s still brothers, I’ll give you all dig out. ” sure enough.Zanotti stilettos GiuseppeThe twig left right through, and dug up 2 big sweet potatoes and a little sweet potato. I asked my mother: “ how do you know the sweet potato and brother in the soil? Mother said: ” “ Nagenteng is told her, as long as careful observation, you will also know the ”. I hurried to find the. Sure enough, I also found Nagenteng roots and there are still 4 streams of sweet potato juice wound. The experience gave me a very deep impression, I understand that life is full of knowledge. We can only learn and enjoy life by observing and thinking. An unforgettable experience

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A memorable theme class meeting
On Friday afternoon, we held classes in “ learn the spirit of Sun Zhongshan, to become the era of small pioneer ” the theme of the squadron will be. Squadron will be hosted by Li Tianqi and Wang Yiming. In a team song, Yu Zihao and Zhang Jinyu, who protects the flag bearer Shen Xinyan a flag, the bright flag is like the red blood of the same, as if to tell us: to live up to the revolutionary martyrs who sacrifice! We solemnly saluted. Libi, host Wang Yiming announced: “ four (2) class theme squadron will begin now! ” the first program was Wang Zechen’s story about “ why Sun Yixian was renamed Sun Zhongshan ” the story turned out to be Sun Zhongshan’s Japanese name in order to avoid exposing his real identity to the revolution. Wang Zechen sings with speech, as if let us see Sun Zhongshan for overthrowing the Qing Dynasty active figure in japan. Then, presided over by Miu Qinyu “ about the life story of Sun Zhongshan ” quiz, correct answer to reward a star. Host voice did not fall, the students can not wait to raise the hand. As we prepared, all fall over each other, are not resigned to playing second fiddle scene is unusually hot. The third program is I and Shao Anbang, Teng Yan and Zhang Jinyu four sing Sun Zhongshan deeds sangouban. The squadron will host Li Tianqi Carter, the four of us will debut together, the formation of unequal heights, the intonation, rhythm and distinctive castanets, attracted the teachers and students of the eyeball, drew applause from the scene. Then, the students you a word, I a language, talked about their own ideals. Sun Zhongshan, to become the little pioneer, everyone spoke enthusiastically, gasZanotti farfetch GiuseppeWarm atmosphere, all the red scarf in the chest like a swing. The last program is a collective recitation of poetry “ I am proud, I am chinese! ” the squadron will be the activities to a climax, the students passion was completely lit, the room echoed with the sound of a sonorous and forceful, young pioneers of the sentence in the poetry of the whole class utter innocence, boiling! The squadron counselor Li made a brief summary of the meeting, congratulations on this theme the squadron will be a complete success, and led us to call: “ ready for the cause of communism! ” “ always ready! ”Zanotti shoes men GiuseppeThe squadron of the program can be described as exciting, exciting, not only enrich our knowledge, but also increased our ability, is really an unforgettable masterZanotti sandals crystal GiuseppeTitle squadron! A memorable theme class meeting

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The holiday.
In the colorful summer vacation, children will do something meaningful: Renjunbujin, let people Xiaopodupi even more absurd embarrassing. A featurette: the day I go with the card Kingdom, there are a variety of occupation I am busy awfully. In learning to do Coca-Cola, there is a small friend can not tell the teacher said, the black tea as a coke into the black tea. As a result, he was full of nausea and vomiting. I decided to comeZanotti Dubai GiuseppeAn ideal job, such as making yourself an expert in archaeology. I dug in antique when people began to join me as a & ldquo; senior & rdquo; while doing demonstration said experience taught them to be careful of mining, took out I just started to learn the professional knowledge has led them carefully excavated antiquities. Because I want to pre empt the completed task, with hand poke the sand with shovels, brush, a little bit in inside to pull, along the edge of the object, dug up the terracotta warriors and horses of a single knee, watching the people figurines lifelike appearance, cast around the envy of vision, some of the children and the digging action, I saw the sand flying everywhere. Everyone’s head and upper body are sand. Hey, still being pulled back to reality. Two sidelights: I follow her mother’s relatives, they have a baby in shake car & ldquo; wow hullabaloo & rdquo; crying, also don’t know is welcome or not my arrival, and I took out my amiable side, from the hands of adults took the bottle and carefully sent to her mouth inside her dissatisfaction with spit it out he doesn’t need to. And I also found a plastic toys, plug to her hand, because she is very small, did not catch, her & ldquo; wow hullabaloo & rdquo; cry, I found no tears, think I doubt: she is not playing a trick on me? byZanotti ssense GiuseppeTo confirm my discovery, I hand gently touch her small nose & ldquo; hee hee & rdquo; and she smiled at him, it suddenly dawned on me thereupon, he would take out an ace in the hole, give him grimace, to see the colorful toys, left shaking right sway of within his line of sight, East hides Tibet let her find, she found the & ldquo; hee hee & rdquo; a smile, can not find a face quiet. When I think she is going to & ldquo; wow hullabaloo & rdquo; cry before meZanotti ssense GiuseppeOut of the toy, her voice is stopped abruptly, and “ &rdquo smiled happily. Too interesting. No wonder my mother said that the child is a live toy, I now very much agree with. Summer vacation is happy, summer is worry free, summer vacation is the child to create the childhood days. I love summer vacation! Tongren primary school six (1) class Yao holiday snapshots

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Make meat buns
Today, sunny, my mom and my dear motoring from Huangyan City back to the long-awaited countryside maternal family, the in the mind don’t mention how happy! “ wow! Mom, the air in the countryside is so fresh! ” I cheered with open arms. Yes, Miao Miao &ldquo! ” my grandmother called in the old voice. “ well, what do you have for lunch today? My grandma. “ ” eat your favorite meat buns. ” grandmother smiled and said, “ did not enter the door to think about eating, it is a greedy ghost. ” “ Oh, my grandmother! I shouted loud at &rdquo. My mother said impatiently: “ what should do, weZanotti GuiseppeTo start Steamed Buns here, don’t stand in the way. ” “ disappointing. ” said, I started to write the homework become dejected and despondent. Suddenly, I came up with an idea in my mind. If I work faster, I don’t have to pack it. So, I will write up at top speed. “ crash, crash! ” soon, I will be accomplished. I’m flying toward the kitchen, God has eyes, just like I thought. Wash my hands, happily asked my grandmother: “ grandma, I finished the homework, the bag can be? ” grandma readily said: “ can. ” so I willZanotti new collection GiuseppeGrab a glutinous rice ball, looked at the mother’s face: the first glutinous rice balls grow a long, and then head and tail stuck together, knead into a ball, finish the work, my hands covered with glutinous rice flour. When I was about to Ayumi, grandmother reminded me that I said: & ldquo; pinch smoothing. Don’t be too rough the, otherwise the next step is very difficult to do. I listened to ”Sneakers for women GiuseppeThe spirit. I watched my mother’s every move, and so my mother had done, I began to recall the first action. Left hand into the shape of the horn, the thumb on the right hand in the middle of the glutinous rice balls, the other four fingers were placed on the periphery of the glutinous rice balls. In this way, the fingers to promote the rotation of the glutinous rice balls circle, there is a deep groove in the middle of the glutinous rice balls. This is not to cut the meat stuffing inside, the opening slightly closed, keep “ cherry mouth ”. In this way, I made a good number of meat steamed bread. Steamed for 15 minutes, the meat steamed baked, taste a good fresh! “ still do it yourself. ” we invariably say. Make meat buns

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First time on a yacht
Childhood memories,Giuseppe shoerazziZanotti leopard GiuseppeZanottiLike a string of pearls, each pearl is a good memory. One of the most white, the brightest pearls, record my first experience in a yacht. That is when I go to the Wushan lesser Three Gorges, my mother took me to watch a small gorge scenery, would also like to ride a boat & mdash; & mdash; the boat, I was very nervous, because I also did not take a speedboat?! Came to the cabin, my mother took me to the seat, the passengers have come to the cabin. After a few minutes, the boat started. When a wave to speedboats to usher in, the boat up and down bumps, I felt very nervous couldn’t help screaming. Is the moment of panic, I suddenly remembered seeing in on a TV screen — — a gust of wind blew the ship capsized. Suddenly, I am anxious like ants on a hot pan, lest we take the boat also turned on the seat, on tenterhooks. After a long time, the boat into the canyon, the first came to the fog gap, I heard that the mountain slope of the fog gap is easy to slide, so there is a lot of rock crumbling. When the boat met a huge wave, then to & ldquo; Bang & rdquo;, many river are splashed deck up, suddenly, I was scared to shout: & ldquo; ah! The ship is going to turn over! ” my mother hugged me tightly and comforted me, saying, ““ nothing. Just a wave of waves. It’s all right.”. ” but the waves are getting bigger and bigger, and the boats are swinging.Zanotti Italy GiuseppeGo, my heart also accelerate the speed, mind produced a more terrible idea, will not be near the bottom of the & ldquo; Kelpie & rdquo; in the cast to kill us! The more I thought of it, the more I was afraid, and finally I couldn’t help telling my mother the idea. Listening to his mother touched my head, smiling to me said: & ldquo; silly child, you think too much, the world did not what Kelpie, which is a natural phenomenon, boat in the water encountered waves naturally bumps along the way, not a Kelpie in rowing. & rdquo; listen to the mother of a seat words, I suddenly see the light, there is no ghost, this is a natural phenomenon, I own cowardice and ignorance shame flushed. The first experience is thrilling, is fear, but is a good way to temper the strong will. This thing makes me unforgettable, because it fostered my own ability, honed my will. Be brave to try and make sense of it for the first time, it will make your life more colorful. First time on a yacht

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The consequences of race
The consequences of city primary school fees raced: class 401 Dong Huasheng “ red light stop, green line, walk along the sidewalkMen shoes ZanottiCrossing the road, go zebra crossing, pedestrian overpass or underpass. ” this is probably a kindergarten children understand the traffic rules, but also who has always complied with the rules. My mom and I had a similar experience with running a red light. That I was ill with a high fever, the electric bike mother hurried busy to send me to a hospital, a junction saw when in front of the yellow light flashing, ah, jump up to a red light, have to wait more than 80 seconds which! At that time my mother to see me anxious, they hold leading full power into the past. Then the accident happened! Said that when the late, then fast, a taxi coming from the right side of our mother panic, and to dodge, not emergency brake. Ah! Seeing is going to hit, but fortunately, the taxi driver is a teacher who has been on for decades. He took the sideSCHOENEN uitverkoop FitFlopTo the plate a pull over, his car hit a tree. Our car and taxi hit a bit, lost balance, my mother and I fell from the battery car on the road, my mother’s knees and handsZanotti store GiuseppeArm touch a piece of green and purple, very pale, very difficult, very painfully up me tightly hug in the bosom asked me injury or not, when I saw my mother’s tears is from the box, I was only skin trauma. We were frightened, and many well intentioned people gathered all sorts of questions. This is really the midst of sadness! Now that I think will appear, as if the scene is in sight. Really thrilling, if the frontal crash, the terrible accident is not to be staged again. Sometimes our parents would do such a dangerous thing, to work don’t arrive late, in order to send the children not to be late for school, in order to catch the time, for & hellip; & hellip; so cynical do similar to a stupid suicide. I don’t think they get up early. Life is precious, life only once, red light running potential for injury, or even death, leave that horrible wounds or blood, even dead bodies. I think you are the same as me, and I don’t want to see this. When running a red light, think of their loved ones! In case of an accident, you can not see their loved ones, and maybe not! Running a red light hit the car, regardless of the injury is light is heavy, the pain is essential. So let’s get to the police, let’s lead by example, and then see the people who violate the traffic rules immediately to stop them, including their parents. Let us “ small hands, hands, hands, and other green light ” bar! The consequences of race

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I have come to South Normal University.
The mother, July 5, want me to accompany her to go to Nanjing Normal University, rain good big, really do not want to go, but my mother persuaded: & ldquo; I will take you to see the two teacher Li of the university campus. ” two Li, respectively, refers to one of my (7) class teacher, and one is myGiuseppe shoesPiano teacher Li Ningning. Ride to the South normal university campus, the first feeling of the campus how so old ah? Can not really be asked the mother: “ this is the campus of the university? Why not our primary school? “ mother said: ” do you think she is not good because the campus is worn out? What you see is her appearance, anything to see her essence and meaning. This one hundred years of elite is the dream of many people! &Zanotti sneaker GiuseppeLdquo; I don’t understand, but still Sidongfeidong nodded affectation. The heart has been thinking: I can not come to this broken school. Number 7, and was mother fooled, went to the South Normal University, she said: ” mother today have a vocal lesson oh! Do you go and feel it? To learn to sing. “ I was in high spirits, nodded. Morning the same as the master of the male teachers are in Italian “my dear”, I also in the following to fish in troubled waters, cheating. Stand singing tired ah! But I don’t feel tired at all, I whispered to my mother: ” the teacher sang very well. “ mom listened to this can be excited, and quickly asked: ” do you think the teacher sang well? And what’s the good place? “ I whispered, ” he was so nice and easy to sing, not as you sang. “ my mother quickly praised me, said I have the feeling of singing, but also very talented. From the southern normal university music hall, I saw the trees there is a wild profusion of vegetation, the vicissitudes of the building are very. I asked my mother: ” how many years have this school been? Mother said: “ ” can be said to be 1888 Huiwen academy is the predecessor of the southern Normal University, you calculate how many years? & rdquo; mother said: & ldquo; the shabby campus representative she has a rich historical heritage, since if you can become Nanjing students that good! &rdquo looked at the mother; with the hopeful eyes, my heart was determined, the teacher’s music school is my dream! I will redouble our efforts, strive to become a member of the southern normal university students in the way!Sko Danmark FitFlopI have come to South Normal University.

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Dragon Boat Festival
Whenever the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, the annual Dragon Boat Festival will be to, which is a festival for the Chinese people in the festival, many customs of diversity, such as eating dumplings, dragon boat race. In Blumea & hellip; & hellip; this year’s Dragon Boat Festival is not the same as, before we went to the end at noon to buy zongzi to eat, but today but we personally pack! My mother said to me: “ bag palm son to take two pieces of brown leaves folded together, 1\/3 of the wing brown leaf folded into ‘ funnel ’ lookBoots Zanotti, then put into the glutinous rice, with chopsticks, and then with ‘ funnel ’ above the palm leaves the ‘ funnel ’ seal well, finally tied with a rope tied to a knot, a sweet Brown son just fine. ” I do, according to my mother said, but I am in the bag of brown, is not a leaky glutinous rice is just a good break loose the funnel. But I don’t have to be a littleZanotti flat sandals GiuseppeSon difficult to retreat, I again again, pack a long time, hard work pays off, I finally wrapped a brown son. Grandma put our bag of brown son placed in the pot steamed, over the 7— — 8 hours, grandma took the palm son out, say to everybody: “ eat palm son! ” I’m going out with my dad and mom, and I’m going to eat a delicious brown. I taste a mouthful of palm, wow! It’s so delicious! I immediately said to my grandmother: “ grandmother to do the palm super delicious wow ”! Mom and Dad took her grandmother also boast a good cook, grandma is praise say: “ where ”! At this time, I asked my father: “ why do we eat brown? Dad said: ” “ this is to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan of Chu during the Warring States period. Grandma said: ” “ Qu Yuan has a patriotic passion, but baoguowumen, due to capital loss risk in publicShoes Nicki Minaj Giuseppe278 years of 5th May, Qu Yuan Bo Luojiang died. In order to Qu Yuan’s grief, people wrapped zongzi into Hanoi, let the fish eat free to eat Qu Yuan’s body. ” grandma said a lot of words in one breath. I said: “ wow! Grandma, you know how much. ” today, I am really happy, if you ask me why, I will say: “ today I learned the knowledge and bag palm, of course, happy! ” over the Dragon Boat Festival

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Remember not to fire burning
Remember not to fire burning today we played a game, the rules of the game are each individual group. Everyone in the hands of the book bent slightly, we put all the books together, by leading in the premiere of the ball, the ball down the book in &lZanotti shop online GiuseppeDquo; the Great Wall ” roll down into the tube, and finally the ball to win more than the group. Young teacher let two groups go on to try. Looking at the two groups of students that awkward appearance, I thought “ this game is certainly not easy, I must have a good look at the mystery of which the hidden. ” first in the first four groups.Zanotti Wedge Boots GiuseppeMatch. In the first four groups of the game, many people are very anxious, the scene a mess. Some students confused; some people in earnest in the game; some people do command there. "Zanotti guisseppehurry up! You are here to meet " “ you have to slow, steady, do not worry. A worry not only can not be more effective, but also work and a half times. " here’s our turn. I was so nervous that I had to jump out of my chest. I do not know is the nervous cells in my body to do strange, or excited molecules. I actually fell in the platform. I looked at the table in the distance, and it seemed that I was laughing at me. “ you’re so nervous about being a wrestling, really stupid! ” my face suddenly turned red, and I ran to the team. Su Yaling you stand in the first, because you are more stable. ” Yang Donghai said, " remember to have faith in yourself. ” that’s what makes me afraid. At the start of the game, I was in accordance with the requirements of the team members, the first to put a ball. I carefully bent out of three balls in the bag after the fast on the linear slide. In three ball like three naughty, lovely children playing on the slide “ &rdquo. I saw the ball fast safety into the hole, then picked up a few balls in “ slide over &rdquo. When the ball to Chen Gong at that time, the person behind the ran behind the dribble. “ Oh, my God! The ball will not be wasted! ” only if the handle is clamped, the ball will stop. Someone came back, and then passed the ball to another person. Finally, the application of group won the game told I & mdash mdash; do any thing can not be rushed, to behave. Only in this way can get twice the result with half the effort. Su Ya Ling 61 remember Mo burn burning body