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Happy autumn
Over the weekend, our era star school held a sports meeting open up a fresh outlook of autumn. That day, I got up in bed early in the morning and couldn’t waitGiuseppe Zanotti knockoffsLet dad take me to the wetland park. Along the way, both sides of the tree, such as shade, like rows of soldiers on guard”. In a few minutes, I arrived at the destination – Wetland Park, the Convention and Exhibition center. At this time, the first thing I saw was a long red ladder, when I climb on top of it, looking back, this ladder like a red silk, waving in the air. Suddenly, a whistle, the original is five (1) class set, so I quickly stood, waiting to attack Zhao text, we get his book, Mr. Zhao very quick assessment finished, we started the game. The first game is the blind man with the lame. The rule of the game is to divide the class into two groups, and then two people form a team and one person is blindGiuseppe Zanotti sneakers“Be blindfolded with a red scarf, another person as” lame “and” blind “to get back, and bypass roadblocks to” blind “way, reach the end point, the prepared balloon broke, which group of people first arrived at the end point to win all. The beginning of the game, I am playing the role of “lame” and “blind” I command the king Jiwei around a road barricade, and quickly stepped on broken balloons, and the members of our team runs faster, so we win the contest. Then, the school organized a tug of war competition. The students happily came to the place of tug of war, and the silent Wetland Park suddenly began to boil. The students eagerly awaited the beginning of the competition. Before the game began, we saw Mr. Zhao arrange the players of our class according to the order from height to height. With the referee’s order, the game began. I saw the players leaned back, feet against the foot pedal, and a rope to pull us, with tremendous effort. Suddenly, I did not know which classmate had fallen, so the students behind were falling down. The other side took advantage of our lack of strength and grabbed the rope and beat us. The second game started and we learned the lesson of the last game. The players were all holding up and pulling the rope desperately. Finally, with unremitting efforts, we won the second game. The students all looked forward with confidence to the victory of the third game, but the rope failed to move, and moved to each other bit by bit, even though they had tried their best, but they did not succeed. From this competition, I understand a truth: we can not be proud, we must unite and cooperate in order to do a good job. It was an interesting and happy autumn sports meeting.Giuseppe Zanotti storeThis chapter links: http:\/\/\/zuowen\/kuailedezuowen\/14121040743371739359.htm, the next page is more exciting, the next 12345 pages, happy autumn

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Myopia, how to do!
In the era of innovation, the introduction of electronic products also attracted a large number of students like playing games, iPad and iPod as what in “ capsule ”. Even I also got the &ldquo of electronic products; &rdquo. Mobile phone just where all will be thinking about, QQ, play games, what has become homely food “ ”. Because the sitting posture is not correct and the influence of mobile phone, my eye is myopic! Myopia much trouble: do not see the words on the blackboard, the world a vague … … the most terrible thing is that only myopia wear glasses can see clearly! No no no! Although I used to think it was good to wear glasses, I felt that the older brothers and sisters wore glasses very well, but I don’t think so now! Put on a pair of glasses will run a tremble, but also for fear that it fell; in winter, when eating, the rising heat will quickly fog lens … … wear glasses good trouble! Myopia makes me worry, good trouble. Do not want to wear glasses, do not want to see things … … but this trouble has a solution, isFarfetch Giuseppe ZanottiGet rid of all the bad habits that can cause myopia! I take a piece of paper, list meGiuseppe Zanotti bridal shoes&ldquo ” escape; bad habits, carefully really ah! The habit of lying homework; II: love a long time playing mobile phone; 3: 4: always lying down reading; hand rubbing eyes easy to love … … … … well; let me think about how to do … … not on homework, pay attention to “ three &rdquo the head is straight; and, in the days when the foot; can be a little while playing mobile phone, mobile phone can not play in school, toGiuseppe Zanotti crystal sandalsRemember to control myself; reading before going to bed, or a dark, lying reading will no benefit to the eyes; itchy eyes when not rubbing, not health, should be the flow of clean water to wash the … … in fact, it can also have many ways to solve the troubles! I believe that I will be able to let the eyes no longer fall, myopia, I still do not want to “ embrace ” you! Hey, new troubles to … … review: reason to own short-sighted author and the solution have a clear understanding of it, hoping to insist on oh! Myopia, how to do!

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Supermarket smell
On Sunday, the sky was drizzling, but I was in a good mood. Because of my &ldquo ” stingy; mother promised to take me to the supermarket and buy one of my favorite toy for me. After I changed my clothes with my mother, we headed for our destination — — WAL-MART supermarket. When I got to the supermarket, I went straight to the toy section. I can’t go there, a roar like a firecracker sound from selling toys place came, I ran towards the direction of the noise, saw a large crowd gathered there. The crowd of people and children came to the argument, I was curious, bent into the crowd. See a salesman of the devils pointing to a boy, his mouth saying: “ that you stole. ” the little boy looked at the delicate and touching the toy, I suddenly understand what is going on. The salesman said that the little boy stole their toys, and the little boy argued, “&ldquo, I didn’t steal it. My mother bought it for me.”. ” the little boy tears off the line like pearls have been kept in the flow, the eyes look around, looking for what seems like. I thought to myself: “ this toy is really a little boy stoleGiuseppe Zanotti online shoppingRight? Looks like he doesn’t look like a thiefGiuseppe Zanotti BootiesAh! ” just as I was trying to figure out, the crowd crowded into an aunt. The boy saw his aunt, quickly hugged his aunt, his mother called. The aunt asked the childGuissepe ZanottiWhat’s the matter, cry so sad. The boy crying in the things to tell mother antecedents and consequences. Then, the boy’s mother said: “ I bought this toy for children, small ticket in my. ” he took a small ticket from the bag and handed it to the shop assistant. Look at the small ticket is to buy a toy salesman invoice indeed, face a moment into a bright red apple from eggplant, he quickly apologized to the little boy and his mother. The boy’s mother said to the salesman: “ after you have any thing to be investigated clearly, can not be wronged a child. ” then he pulled the boy’s head back. Look at this scene in front of me, to remind ourselves, also warned all the people to judge anything not to jump to conclusions blindly. Review: small author careful observation, the character of language and expressions describe carefully, is a life. Supermarket smell

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Xuzhou mutton soup
Opened a shop near Xuzhou mutton soup mutton soup Zhou Rongkun came to my house, each time there are many people will see a long row of the team there, but also smell a wisp of fragrance is drool with envy. Today, my mother decided to take me to taste the delicious food. We came to the store, saw a long team, I can not help but hurry up, while counting the number of people, while looking around, that smell straight into my nostrils, instantaneous time hungry, &ldquo grunt; ” ring. Finally our turn, I see a pot of mutton soup bubbling out on the table, a dozen spices, I told the aunt to bowl of mutton soup fans, I saw the aunt with many other mutton.Giuseppe Zanotti storesAn aunt played a bowl of soup in the bowlGiuseppe Zanotti platform wedgesGood mutton soup, add a pinch of green coriander, a bowl of mutton soup is ready. When the bowl of reeky, fragrant mutton soup to me, my slobber almost streaming down, I saw the white mutton soup your faded with a layer of green green, coriander, garlic bolt, like snow grass, The grass is green and luxuriant., very good-looking. Don’t underestimate the onions, garlic and coriander powder: put less meat Xingshan taste would not go away, put too much drink out of mutton taste, do not love to eat mutton would say: “ there was a smell of mutton, mutton soup ” this can be a bit even if there is no. Also, by the alluring smell of onions, garlic and coriander overshadowed. The mutton in the soup is very bad, it seems to the mouth of the change, when the spoon is not imported, the taste of mutton soup into the nose. Mutton soup mutton and onion exudes fragrance, really makes people unable to hide greeds. My first breath of the marinade in his mouth! Chifeng instant delicious parcel, I was careful to taste the taste of it, really feel even better than the table delicacies from land and sea thousands of times, and then scoop a spoonful of fans and a piece of mutton mutton soaked into his mouth and let the gravy, lamb, gravy, fans close together, then a hard, wow! Very refreshing. Finally, I think this way of eating is not simply craving, swigging up, hot straight I shrink neck, but I still feel very delicious, then “ hissing hissing Yo Yo, … … &rdqZanotti for menUo; a bowl of mutton soup was finished in five minutes. After drinking, one is not left. I smack, could not bear to leave, I thought: next time, I will also come here to drink mutton soup. Comment: look at what you wrote, Xiao Bian also slobber! The appearance and taste of mutton soup is described in detail, and the process of eating mutton soup also depicted the delicate and vivid. Xuzhou mutton soup

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Catch the chicken
Time really fast, a blink of an eye opening. There are many unforgettable things in my summer vacation, but the most unforgettable thing is catching chicken. “ Wang Tao! Quick to catch the chicken. ” grandma calls me. I left the book in my hand.Giuseppe Zanotti store locationsRun to the house. The chicken is my favorite walking with measured steps, didn’t put my pursuers in the eye. I rushed past, it jumped away, still giggling “ ” cried, as if to say: “ you see, my clever ah! ” I looked at his proud appearance, said in his heart: “ I must seize you! ” so I threw it at him, the chicken suddenly turned, ran from the side, not fast. I am happy to run a few steps, just want to reach out and grab it, but “ call ” jumped up, rubbed my face suddenly flew past. I did not catch it, my heart was very angry, they thought of a way: put it into the corner and then grab. Step by step I put the chicken into the corner in the force, chicken dodged, cornered, had to retreat in the corner. I see the chicken in myZanottis GiuseppeTrap, very happy. I slowly to approach it, the chicken is a bit nervous, look at the East, the West looked at, want to find a way to escape, then stood motionless. I thought: what a ghost idea, but also run? I carefully approached it, as long as a hand can catch. At this moment, I shoved it out to. Quicker than words can tell, chicken flap wings, a dust fan, from my head flew past. I went to an empty, depressed pat his head. Chicken escape after more satisfied, the move as a victorious general attitude. I can not help but angry and funny, after a pause, and came up with an idea: I got a handful of rice from home, scattered on the ground, then hiding in the side. The chicken to see so many white rice, then slowly walked over, small eyes roll straight forward. I can not help but laugh said: “ it is a ghost wizard &rsquo ‘. I really see the chicken ” “ ”, immediately eat rice. It three mouth two meters to peck more than half, that greedy look, as if to climb who rob himZannoti GiuseppeQuasi. I see the time is ripe, then crept into it behind, grabbed the little changui mouth, said: “ see you where to run! ” chicken struggling, squawks and seems to say: “ let me go, let me go! ” but it was me in the cage. This thing really makes me unforgettable. Catch the chicken

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An autumn outing
You look forward to the stars, looking forward to the moon, we finally arrived at the autumn day. Sitting in the car did not take long, the ear spreads a burst of goo “ crunchy ” chewing sound, one will know that wait. After a period of time, we came to my destination — — Hongshan zoo! First, we came to the panda hall. The two regiment of black and white “ &rdquo (on the ball;Zanotti designs GiuseppeIs everyone’s favorite panda friends) sitting in the grass, although the body is dirty, but not conceal their lovely, honest. One group “ ball ” disregard around the visitors, but a big and a small bamboo &ldquo against ”. Then we went to the tiger Pavilion. The first cage in the tiger Pavilion is a white tiger with greySandals ZanottiWith a striped coat, it looked very strong, but unfortunately it did not shout, but quietly walking around the cage. In the fourth cage is a very common tiger, it is wearing orange with black bigGiuseppe Zanotti for ThakoonClothes, give a kind of it is king feeling. Go for a while I saw some large cages, in which the eldest brother is the black tiger. The first was performing acrobatics, but it was too dark, not clear. Second very low-key, lying close to where we bask in the sun, if you do not look carefully, then thought it was a bag of garbage. Only third of “ &rdquo, hid the invisibility; the door refused to come out. Then we went to see some other animals, but did not focus on the above, but was attracted to the amusement park in the past. It’s almost lunchtime. I started my picnic mats, the food to put one up, the crew also did. The quiet moment was interrupted before it lasted long. A “ beef jerky fight ” start! At the moment, my eyes appeared a few pieces of dried beef, of which there are a drop in the body of Yang Yin. So two people (Yang Yinhe is the beginning of the culprit Luo Zhihang) threw up each other. Lunch ended, we came to the long-awaited amusement park. The first is chairoplane, I feel that I have to step on a tree. Then the ferris wheel and the air bike. Then I played with a big wheel disco, feeling down. The last play is spin block each turn makes me feel like going to fall out. Good time is always short, unknowingly spent a day in the zoo, and indeed, and students together to play the most fun! An autumn outing

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Quilt stormGiuseppe Zanotti leopard Booties&ldquo hey, quilt quilt storm;? How only one bed? ” only listen to mother on the balcony. I was curious, busy walked past asked a virtual. The original mother in the morning sun two quilts, but now only one on the sun bar. Mom said: “ will not fall? ” at this time, saw mother lying on the balcony head out of the window, can see for a long time did not see the shadow of the quilt. I asked my mother: “ quilt can not fly? ” mom thought, changed shoes to go downstairs to find the. After a while, mother gasped back, I asked: “ did you find it? Mother said: ” “ find is found, can not get away, to the 2 floor of the awning on the 3 floor and the 2 floor, no one at home ”. “ what about that? ” “ only wait for their family to come back and take ”. timeGuiseppezanottiHave a really slow, finally got 7 points, the two still did not come back, mother said anxiously: “ the sun is cotton, was wet with dew is not easy to dry, and father on business trip, how to do? ” and after half an hour, the sky has been completely black, the two families still did not come back, my mother had to give my father’s colleague uncle Hou called, small Hou Shushu said immediately come and see. Soon Hou Shushu came, he looked downstairs to find a ladder and root 2-3 meters long bamboo, bamboo is not long enough to reach. In a moment, my uncle got a stick and a large bundle of wire rope, the uncle of one end of the rope tied to the stick, the hand holding the other end of the rope, sticks to throw, 1 times, 2 times … … no rejectionZanotto GiuseppeTo the quilt. When walking, Kobayashi uncle came, Lin uncle height 1 meter 90, he picked up a rope was thrown several times, but did not succeed, Lin uncle thought, had disappeared in a moment. I was wondering, I saw Uncle Lin took a long bamboo pole came, he gently pick with bamboo, the quilt fell down. The mother picked up the quilt repeatedly on the uncle say: Thank you, thank you &ldquo! ” quilt storm finally subsided, my mother said the next thing must take the sun clip folder good, not sloppy. I think this is just as we learn, but also to the slightest careless! Nanjing City five old village primary school, five (1) classes Wang Wenqing teacher Lin Yongjin quilt storm

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Protect small animals, from my start
It is not long ago, I still remember … … Saturday, I went out to play, suddenly heard a cat cry: “ meow! Meow! ”? What’s going on, I looked back, it was a kitten, it is obviously lost, and can not find a home, how to do? It is now in the middle of the road, the distance came the sound of the car, how to do? In the end how to do? I consciously rushed over, picked up the kitten carefully escaped the robbery, but the kitten home where? The kitten should be able to tell the smell of his mother! Touched the kitten two, I put it down, he himself to find his mother. It did not take long, I heard the screams of the cat, I ran to look, the original is a writing of children are stone cat, kitten pain was rolling on the floor, I feel sorry, rushed to the kitten curse those children: “ what is your problem? The cat is so cruel, born to bully you? Too heartless! They scolded by me ashamed, wanted to find a hole drilled down, their red face lowered his head, whispered: “ we know is wrong, but the cat is comingGiuseppe Zanotti shoes wwwOh? ” I said, “ I know, maybe it’s the one who picked it up from the cat litter! ” “ it is really too cruel! ” although they stoned the kitten, they are just confused, not so cruel, I hope the cat to death, when the cat that go back home, they have to give the kitten ideas, let him up for adoption! Who can be found, a child said: “ my mother’s favorite cat, and I want to have a cat, thisIs Giuseppe Zanotti whatThe cat is beautiful, my mother must like it! ” finally decided to raise the kitten from their home. Go back, I: filled with a thousand regrets animal is the friend of mankind, not because of personal preferences to see whether the existence of an animal, should put more money and power to protect the animal, after all, we still do not know what the nature of some animal and human being to play what role, if now do not pay attention to, if the animal dies, several years later, when we have problems, will regret it! So we have to start from now close to animals, caring for animals, animal protection, to start from the sideGiuseppe Zanotti sneakers shop, from the small start, so that animals and we human beings to become a real good friend! Protect small animals, from my start

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An unforgettable experience
This mid autumn festival, I and my mother in the early morning to return to live in the country’s grandmother home. Grandpa went to work in the field. I asked my grandmother: “ can I help you ”? Grandma nodded, took me and my mother to the end of a large corn field. My eyes immediately present a fruitful autumn. You see, that a full of vigour of corn, corn and corn were hiding in the thick rod straight middle grinning from ear! Go forward again, I saw a large golden beans, full pods swaying, not a clattering sound. As if to welcome me the guest from afar. We continue along the path of the field winding near to grandpa. “ Oh! ” I cried, at the foot of what was caught, I threw a big somersault. Mom quickly picked me up and see if I was hurt. I turned to see my trip is actually a thick dark green big rope, the rope is strange round leaves on the distribution of many green. “ mom, what is this? ” my strange question. Mother said: “ this is the sweet potato seedling ”. I took this long sweet potato being over and over, did not see the shadow of sweet potatoZanotti shoes on sale GiuseppeSo strange, asked “ mom, why this is not only on the vine leaf node of sweet potato? ” mother said: “ sweet potatoes are grown in the soil, I dug for you to see ”. sayHeels ZanottiA, she found a twig from the field, and then along the sweet potato vine found sweet potato roots and twigs to the soil around the roots loosened, then she plucked the strong vine, in a short while, the first big sweet potato out. “ wow! Good big sweet potato oh ”! Mom said: “ don’t worry, it’s still brothers, I’ll give you all dig out. ” sure enough.Zanotti stilettos GiuseppeThe twig left right through, and dug up 2 big sweet potatoes and a little sweet potato. I asked my mother: “ how do you know the sweet potato and brother in the soil? Mother said: ” “ Nagenteng is told her, as long as careful observation, you will also know the ”. I hurried to find the. Sure enough, I also found Nagenteng roots and there are still 4 streams of sweet potato juice wound. The experience gave me a very deep impression, I understand that life is full of knowledge. We can only learn and enjoy life by observing and thinking. An unforgettable experience

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A memorable theme class meeting
On Friday afternoon, we held classes in “ learn the spirit of Sun Zhongshan, to become the era of small pioneer ” the theme of the squadron will be. Squadron will be hosted by Li Tianqi and Wang Yiming. In a team song, Yu Zihao and Zhang Jinyu, who protects the flag bearer Shen Xinyan a flag, the bright flag is like the red blood of the same, as if to tell us: to live up to the revolutionary martyrs who sacrifice! We solemnly saluted. Libi, host Wang Yiming announced: “ four (2) class theme squadron will begin now! ” the first program was Wang Zechen’s story about “ why Sun Yixian was renamed Sun Zhongshan ” the story turned out to be Sun Zhongshan’s Japanese name in order to avoid exposing his real identity to the revolution. Wang Zechen sings with speech, as if let us see Sun Zhongshan for overthrowing the Qing Dynasty active figure in japan. Then, presided over by Miu Qinyu “ about the life story of Sun Zhongshan ” quiz, correct answer to reward a star. Host voice did not fall, the students can not wait to raise the hand. As we prepared, all fall over each other, are not resigned to playing second fiddle scene is unusually hot. The third program is I and Shao Anbang, Teng Yan and Zhang Jinyu four sing Sun Zhongshan deeds sangouban. The squadron will host Li Tianqi Carter, the four of us will debut together, the formation of unequal heights, the intonation, rhythm and distinctive castanets, attracted the teachers and students of the eyeball, drew applause from the scene. Then, the students you a word, I a language, talked about their own ideals. Sun Zhongshan, to become the little pioneer, everyone spoke enthusiastically, gasZanotti farfetch GiuseppeWarm atmosphere, all the red scarf in the chest like a swing. The last program is a collective recitation of poetry “ I am proud, I am chinese! ” the squadron will be the activities to a climax, the students passion was completely lit, the room echoed with the sound of a sonorous and forceful, young pioneers of the sentence in the poetry of the whole class utter innocence, boiling! The squadron counselor Li made a brief summary of the meeting, congratulations on this theme the squadron will be a complete success, and led us to call: “ ready for the cause of communism! ” “ always ready! ”Zanotti shoes men GiuseppeThe squadron of the program can be described as exciting, exciting, not only enrich our knowledge, but also increased our ability, is really an unforgettable masterZanotti sandals crystal GiuseppeTitle squadron! A memorable theme class meeting